Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tao Song Mantra For Opening The Heart

Dear Ones,
Join me to practice the Tao song mantra for opening the fourth soul house, also known as the message center.
The message center is your love and forgiveness, compassion & light, healing and life transformation center.
May the Tao song mantra serve you greatly.

Love you
Love you
Love you

Master Maya: Soul Healing Miracles Journey for Purifying Soul Heart Mind & Body 01/29 by Soul Healing Miracle Journey | Spirituality Podcasts

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Passing Spiritual Testing

Mother Theresa spoke of her 'Dark Night'
This was the spiritual testing she experienced for a very long period of her life, where she felt alone and separate from the Divine.

In essence this describes the testing one passes through on the soul journey, where one's emotional, mental and physical life are tested. Any aspect of life could be tested.

Spiritual Testing is part of helping us purify any aspects within ourselves that are not aligned with our life's purpose.

As Master Sha teaches, 'The Purpose of Life is to Serve'

Service is 'To serve is to make others happier and healthier'

Let us do a practice together to pass spiritual testing.

Body Power

Sit in a quite place, comfortably and take a few deep breathes.

Place one hand on your lower abdomen (just below the navel) and one hand on the message Center, which is a fist sized energy Center in the Center of the chest just behind the sternum.

Mind Power

With each inhale, visualize Golden light radiating from your lower abdomen.
With each exhale, the golden light radiates even brighter.

Keep doing this at a regular breathing pace for few minutes until you feel yourself relax.

Soul Power:

''Dear Divine, Dear Tao,
Dear all my spiritual fathers and mothers in Heaven, I love honour and appreciate you.
Please sit in my message center and bless me to pass my spiritual testing.

Dear Divine, Dear Tao,
Dear all souls my ancestors and i have hurt or harmed in this or past lives,
I love honor and respect you.
Please forgive the mistakes my ancestors and I have made in this and past lives.
I sincerely apologize.
Thank you''

Sound Power Chant:

Divine & Tao light, purify my heart and soul...
Divine & Tao light, purify my heart and soul...
Divine & Tao light, purify my heart and soul...
Divine & Tao light, purify my heart and soul...

Chant for 5 minutes while visualizing rainbow light radiating from your message center, expanding the size of your message center to the size of mother earth.

Now chant :

Divine & Tao love, heal my heart and soul...
Divine & Tao love, heal my heart and soul...
Divine & Tao love, heal my heart and soul...
Divine & Tao love, heal my heart and soul...

Chant for 5 minutes while visualizing crystal light radiating form your message center, contracting the size of your message center from the size of mother earth to return to its original size.

Your message center is filled with light from the universe, expanded and radiating Divine love and light.

Now we close our practice:

Thank you.Thank you.Thank you
Gong Song.Gong Song.Gong Song

This simple yet powerful practice can be done at any time, as many times a day as you wish. Use this practice to pass spiritual testing.

It combines opening your message center with forgiveness practice and receiving highest blessings from the Divine & Tao.

I am honored to offer you a Divine Blessing for Passing Spiritual Testing.
Please open your heart to receive.
Blessing starts.

2 minute blessings

Hao Hao Hao
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I wish you great transformation and healing.
With greatest love,
Master Maya 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Divine & Tao Healing

Divine and Tao Healing
The simplest practices can be the most powerful.
Join me to use the 4 power techniques to invoke the Divine and Tao to Balance Emotions.
Experience the blessings and transformation.
The longer you chant the better.
I wish for you many blessings!

Divine & Tao Healing- Master Maya 01/08 by Soul Healing Miracle Journey | Spirituality Podcasts

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Love Melts all Blockages and Transforms all Life- Practice and Blessing

The power of love is infinite. Love is the essence of the Divine's heart and soul.
Love is the key to transform our lives.
Love brings the frequency to create the change needed.
Love leads to forgiveness.
Without love, it is difficult to forgive.
This is why it is so easy to forgive those we truly love, like a mother loves her child.
Love heals, blesses and transforms life.
When a baby cries, the mother holds the child, tenderly giving love; a blessing of loves is given from mother to her child.
Let us experience together the power of love, and then receive a powerful blessing for a request you make.
You can listen to the blessing over again and receive its great benefits.
May love bless you always.
With greatest love,

Master Maya

Love Melts All Blockages and Transforms All Life 01/01 by Soul Healing Miracle Journey | Spirituality Podcasts