Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Messages From Heaven : Na Mo A Mi Tou Fo

Messages From Heaven
 Na Mo A Mi Tou Fo

Transforming Heart Ego

My dearest and most beloved ones, I am delighted to share this teaching today. 

Heart ego is harder to identify than mind ego. 
When one’s ego is purifying in the mind it is easier to notice. Heart ego is much more discrete. Listen to the thoughts. Listen to the messages in your heart that are connected to heart ego. Take a moment to do this now. 

Those thoughts you have heard in your heart are the deeper purification that is needed at this time. 
Your soul journey is extremely important. The opportunity you are being gifted in this lifetime are very rare.
There has never been a time where the Divine and the Tao have released what they are releasing in this lifetime to humanity.

Grab the opportunities. 
Grab the opportunities to be in Master Sha’s presence. 

Grab the opportunities every day to look within your heart and soul, and to purify yourself, to purify the blockages in your heart so that you can become an even more radiant light for all souls. 

It is not enough to speak the words, I will serve, I will purify. 
It is the willingness and the action to do so. 
And in transforming the resistance to change, in transforming the resistance to purify, you will, step by step in greatest love and humility become your true self and merge your Shi Shen with your Yuan Shen. 

To access the highest consciousness that is so needed on Mother Earth in the Soul Light Era. 

Never give up on yourself. Always forgive yourself. Always look forward. 
Think in the most positive ways and you will flourish. 

Apply the 10 Da’s to every aspect of life and success will follow. 
Believe in the goodness inside of you and believe in the goodness of every soul. 

Humanity is waiting for your service. Humanity is waiting for you to reach out to them, to remind them of their journey and their path. 

You heard the calling of Master Sha because your soul knows and recognises the importance of this calling. That is why you are here. 
You are serving your own soul journey by being here. 
You are serving your own enlightenment through every Karma Cleansing through every Divine treasure, through every purification, through every Forgiveness Practice, through every soul marketing, and more and more and more. 

Express deepest gratitude and the universe will give you gratitude in return.
Express greatest love and the universe will bless you with greatest love. 

When your thoughts, when your speech, when your actions are aligned with the 10 Da’s, your life will reflect this.
Respect others to be respected. Honor others to be honored. 
Love others to be loved for when you give you receive much more in return. 
And to love and to forgive is to serve. 

The cycle of service is the highest teaching. 
Service Xiu Lian is the highest purification, is the highest enlightenment. 

Open your heart and soul in every moment further and deeper. 
Be willing to change whatever does not serve your life or soul journey. 
This is my message for each one of you online. This is my blessing. 

Hao! Hao! Hao!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Chant your Soul Song to fully integrate this message & blessing.